Spent the weekend at OFFSET. It’s one of the best events in the country. Superb. Everyone should go. Design industry heads or not.

Our favourite quote from the weekend was from Kate Moross:‘If you can’t do it. Learn how’.

Other things people said and highlights of the event were:

Bob Gill basically telling everyone to COP ON.                                                                                Finding out about this campaign from Ji Lee. He also gave a ‘learn new things’ line.             Everything by Louise Fili. She also said something along the lines of – ‘it’s 1% the idea’ and 99% making it work/attention to detail etc.,                                                                                               Somebody said ‘work with what you have, not what you wish you had’.                                                                                 JR’s WOMEN ARE HEROES. And here’s a link to his Ted Talk (his OFFSET talk was actually better). Kate Moross also said ‘I just did it for myself because I had the idea in my head and I wanted to let it out rather than think about it’                                                                                                               Gavin O’Sullivan: ‘Tell stories’.                                                                                                                     ‘I exist, I’m here’JR.

In Short the moral of the weekend is:

You exist. You are here. Now COP ON and go learn something you don’t know, tell a few stories along the way, get the ideas out of your head, put in the other 99% and make them happen even if it’s just for yourself.

*the type like that is an accident. couldn’t be dealin.