Pleasure Principle


Pleasure Principle: A 3 day weekender. Produced by Numbers & Dedbeat. As they’d say themselves.

Ya wouldn’t know where to start with this one. But let’s just say we didn’t hear one bad set. It was start to finish INCREDIBLE music and mixes. At a glance you could have been forgiven if you thought you were at a Nike Air Max convention. These ravers are pro, and they don’t compromise on style, every colour runner in the world was on show, comfort with class. The runners tying each and every impressive individually styled outfit together.

The first set of the weekend we caught was Krystal Klear who mixed this into this *que heartfailure* This was the place and we were about to get very lucky. The rest of the weekend is a blur of utter brilliance from Space Dimension Controler’s jumper to random chats with Richard James, bedazzling ourselves, pool parties, blackflips and gambling.

Other ever so highlights were TNGHT‘s set, which OWNED the place. Meeting Ali, Alfie and Richard, three amazing BFFs that live in different cities but catch up to rave and the sunrise on the drive home Sunday morning. It was all a bit non stop dancing so I‘m gonna leave it here and go book my tickets for next year. Result!