our friend fionn had a gathering on inis turk last weekend.

we fashioned a few long island iced turks for craic of it. we also visited the bothy on inis shark. swam in portdoon at 3am. raved at a trad session. drank loads of porter. watched a gaa match and a regatta . got sun kissed and sun burnt. saw our moonlight shadows at the height of the super moon and caught a few falling stars from a meteor shower…. island life. it’s like no other. all the island high fives to fionn n family for inviting us on this adventure. ’til 2015.

photo 4the drop bar. 

photo (1)twilight.

photo 2dylan.

photo 3mick & shay sporting the tweed project.

photo 1neil watkins looking fittingly viking.

photo 4taxi!

photo 3h-aon, do, trí.

photo 2burgers & bouncing castles. island style.

photo 4boffin v turk.

photo 5winning!

photo 5island bars, the drop everything way.

photo 5homeward bound on high seas.