Best title yet. Well apart from the invite to the Istanbul to Venice ‘Dancing On The Island Party’ which was definitely right up our canal. The party not so much though.

On the art side, more is more of course and you can never take all of it in but a few stand out for us at the 56th Art Biennale, curated by Okwui Enwezor, are as follows:

Island Time – Tuvalu PavilionA sinking nation combined with a sinking city” – Vincent Huang. This was certainly the most powerful, and most close to our hearts, piece of the biennale. The smallest pavillion representing Tavalu, a Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean and one of the first places in the world to disappear if sea levels continue to rise.

1517425_939738716090350_9199499096291342559_nVincent Huang

Canada by the BGL Art Collective (Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère, Nicolas Laverdière).

“Since the beginning, BGL has been fascinated by a marginal aesthetic and marginal people who are living outside of the mainstream—the bricoleur, the collectionneur—people who are, in their lives, recycling,” – Marie Fraser, curator.

This is an impressive installation and an exercise in recycling. The collective created a sort of art-house fun-house for the viewer to lose themselves in.

11209623_939739242756964_7728043152568604165_n.jpgBGL Art Collective

Art hero and general bad bitch Sarah Lucas for British Pavilion was way up there with her solo exhibit I SCREAM DADDIO. Werq.

11264838_940513316012890_6234523065651459379_n.jpgSarah Lucas

Our top three were followed closely by the incredibly powerful work at the Australian Pavilion by Fiona Hall. The exhibition, Wrong Way Time, described as high craft comprises about 800 objects. These included our favourite, the “Kuka Irititja (Animals From Another Time)” series which she made in collaboration with women from Aboriginal communities around Australia.

Pamela Rosenkranz for Switzerland’s aesthetic  worked for us, as did Germany’s was futuristic buzz. We were into Spain’s Macho mag newsstand and Hungary’s kinetics. Turkey had neon rainbows we wanted to steal; “Respiro” by the artist Sarkis a stunning installation not to be missed.

There are of course hundred’s more but we’ll leave it there as there’s always too much to mention between the spritz’, the art and all the the worlds parties with all the usual shenanigans, but our cultural highlight of another years Venice Biennale remains late night black market crossiant buying… ’til 2017. Stay curious. 😉

11252686_940511729346382_3286297325037798454_n.jpgBlack market bakery

10983220_940449329352622_6611667964588412002_n.jpgPamela Rosenkranz

11163234_940449266019295_4918007295109161242_n.jpgGerman Pavillion


10985954_940512476012974_1729221155835483381_n.jpgThe End.

The 56th International Art Exhibition runs in Venice from the 9th of May to 22nd November 2015.